2021 inflatable games supply forecast

2021 almost past half,many market summer already start,after the epidemic in 2020, many markets have closed and many factories in China have closed. In addition, China’s current raw material PVC prices are rising. Has a big impact on lead time.

  1. Many small factory closed, so order will go big company, thus, the lead time will longer.
  2. PVC material price increased,from 2020 to 2021, increased 40%, so the inflatable games price will increase
  3. Shipping cost also will increase, from April to May increased 15%
  4. The factory has difficulty recruiting workers and chooses to relocate to other cities,so the shipping cost to guangzhou port will increase

So all this will impact the second half of the year bounce house etc inflatable games cost.

We have follow suggest for you:

  • if you are trade, you have own warehouse,you can buy some popular design bounce house, combo, water slide or dry slide, so you can avoid price increases
  • if you are self-use, you need buy earlier, prepare received 50-60 days received the games.

It's a good news, we still alive, hope like 2008, we can survive the epidemic and continue to provide you with more new inflatable design games